Occupational Risk Prevention

The latest reforms introduced from the European Union allow more and more companies to manage, by themselves, the Health and Safety of their organisations, without the need to resort to an external service with the permanent expenses that this implies.

Current regulations require companies to guarantee the health and safety of their workers and for this it is necessary to design a preventive management system that is effective and enables comprehensive action, on all levels, in order to avoid or reduce risks derived from work.

Aware of the opportunities that the latest reforms represent, we offer you our preventive tools that will guide you in a simple way in the design, development and implementation of your own prevention system, enabling you to optimally manage the health and safety of your organisation, eliminating costly maintenance contracts with third parties.

The Prevention Services Regulation allows SME entrepreneurs, with staff of up to 25* workers and Low Risk activities not included in ANNEXE I of the aforementioned RD, to personally carry out the prevention activity.

* According to art. 39 of Law 14/2013, of 27 September to support entrepreneurs and their internationalisation.